As a mom who has too many socks and not enough pairs! SockSync features a combination of a laundry basket and a spinning top, aka Spinner. The Spinner houses eight cylindrical openings, the SockSync Cups, that are designed to perfectly fold a pair of socks and positioned to drop them right into the basket. Quick and easy to use! You can even have the kids help! The spinning feature makes it effortless to scroll through the single socks as you search for their match. Once a match is found you simply push the pair together into and through the opening, which folds the pair and drops them into the basket. After the spinning and matching is done, you’ll have a basket full of paired and perfectly folded socks. The Spinner is removable. Once you’re done matching the socks, you can take it off and use the basket as a traditional laundry container or to store the folded socks in. For more information go to

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Crayola Trolley Play Set

Jump aboard with Daniel Tiger and his friends and take a tour around the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with the all-new Crayola Trolley Play Set from Amloid! Enrich little creators’ play time with a wholesome activity set that fuels imaginations with a variety of sturdy and stackable building blocks, stickers and crayons, which help children identify and learn colors as they develop fine motor skills. The crayon tube not only provides tidy storage but is also a great decorative accessory to liven up any child’s room or playroom! When little ones are finished, just put everything back in the tube and store. The 46-piece set includes 5 block fit figures, 8 Crayola crayons, 1 decal sheet, and 32 bright and durable Kids@Work building blocks. Available at Walmart.

Cool Cursive- The Game! Cursive is Important- and Fun to Learn! Handwriting, especially cursive writing… is more like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics than an important skill to master! This all-new educational, flash card game is out to change that. Cool Cursive teaches children to fluently identify cursive letters… by playing a FUN game!  Cursive handwriting has been proven to stimulate brain synapses and synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres. Give your kid an educational fun game, that also teaches them how to identify cursive letters! Loved by Teachers, Parents, and Students! For more information check out

Are you ever banging and shaking your bottles in the shower or thumping condiments, sauces just a little more out? Flip-It® can be used for toiletries in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen! It is eco-friendly and easy!  This easy-to-use bottle emptying kit allows consumers to flip bottles of all sizes upside down and stabilize them, so they can access every last drop of their favorite conditioners, lotions, condiments, cleaners and more! Place a Flip-it! cap and the correct size adapter on almost any plastic bottle, flip it upside down and watch gravity pull the remainder of the bottles’ contents into an easy push/pull valve for easy dispensing. For more information go to