According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day spending is expected to total a near-record $23.1 billion this year. A total 86 percent of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day and spend an average of $180 per person. Shoppers plan on spending $4.6 billion on jewelry alone. Does mom really need another “Mom” Necklace in a Heart? Another $5 Billion will be spent on cards and flowers.

I assure you, while these are all nice gifts, Mom is really needing something else. The survey found 29 percent of moms want to receive a “gift of experience” such as a spa day, tickets to a concert. Trinkets end up in a drawer but memories last a lifetime. 

Below are some simple and thoughtful ways to celebrate Mom.  Maybe you can subtly leave this list out for someone to find…give them a little hint!

1. Give Mom a Break: Nothing says, “I love you,” like walking into the house and finding your partner has already cleaned it. I love when my son or daughter does chores without being asked. This Mother’s Day, relieve mom of her usual to-do’s by making it your responsibility. Are you too busy to do it yourself? Maybe hire a cleaning service to come in and do a deep clean or gift her a few cleanings for the next couple of months. Help Mom organize the clutter and pick up your toys! Maybe have the kids go through some items to donate. Less items less to clean! 

2. Let Mom Sleep: It doesn’t matter if you have a newborn or a 10 year old, or if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, I am guessing you are sleep deprived. Let mom sleep in, offer to take the children out so she can have a quiet house to rest in. Let her take a nap. Is the baby still getting up in the middle of the night? Instead of her getting up give her a break and do the nighttime routine.

3. Brunchin’ it:  How many times does Mom make pancakes and eggs for everyone? Now it is your turn! Make her favorite items for breakfast. Surprise her with coffee or tea in bed. If cooking isn’t in your skill set, take her somewhere nice to enjoy their cooking or let her have some alone time brunching with her friends. Bonus points if bottomless mimosas are included.

4. Pamper Mom: Moms take care of everyone else’s needs but what about hers? Pampering can fit many gift giving budgets from a full day at the spa to something as simple as a manicure at her favorite nail salon. You can even pamper her at home with a nice foot rub or run her a bath, light some aroma therapy candles and give her some undisturbed time in the tub. I assure you any thoughtful gesture of some much needed pampering won’t go unnoticed.

5. A Day Together: Set aside all other plans, grab the whole family and head to mom’s favorite park or the beach. Spending the time together (preferably outdoors) is what really counts, so have a picnic, go for a bike ride, take a hike. Enjoy the outdoors together as a family. If mom isn’t the outdoorsy type, take her to the movies or a museum. Just spend the day with her doing something she WANTS to do.

6. Keep the Peace: If you have more than one child you know about the ‘sibling squabbles” and how mom is often a referee in her own home. Talk to your children about a “peace treaty” for the day to give mom a break from the constant back and forth bickering.

7. Plant some flowers. Instead of buying flowers that will die in a week use some extra space in the yard to plant a flower garden for mom. Maybe even look at plants that attract butterflies and make a butterfly garden. An extra bonus present would be to have the kids paint and decorate some rocks (don’t forget to seal them).  There are also plaster kits the kids can use to make “stepping stones” with their feet or hand prints that would make some memorable garden keepsakes.

8. Take Mom to “Wonderland” with Ballet Palm Beach! Just in time for Mother’s Day, Ballet Palm Beach performs Wonderland, a whimsical ballet with a fresh interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Alice is a young Victorian girl who tumbles unexpectedly into a fantasy realm. Chasing after the White Rabbit, she encounters a kaleidoscope of curiosities that lead her into the clutches of the Queen of Hearts. For show time and details go to

9. Put Mom Back in the picture and schedule a Family Portrait session!  Mom takes a lot of photos of the kids but where is she? Make her feel glamorous and schedule a family photo session. Two great suggestions: Lynn Studios, Inc. or Warner Prokos Photography. When the photo session is finished make sure to frame them nicely in your home.

10. Create a piece of treasured art or a craft. If you’re not super creative, the experts can help! Head over to Picasso’s Creative Workshop in Lake Worth and give mom a handmade painted pottery piece or sign the kids up for an art class at artNEST in Delray or Kids Need More Art in Jupiter.  Or kids can enjoy open studio time exploring their inner artist at Space of Mind in Delray.

No matter how you celebrate your Mother’s Day, PB Parenting wishes the best to all the moms out there!